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Turkey has a structure made of different ethnic groups, cultures, religions and languages. Thanks to this diversity, when you visit Turkey you don’t feel like an outsider but a part of it. Turkey and Arab countries share similarity in many aspects. If you’re visiting Turkey from an Arab country, you don’t have religious and cultural difficulties. People, cities, buildings, natural beauties are both worth experiencing and also similar where you live. You can feel Turkish hospitality by the time you get off the plane until you return home.

You can pray and go to the mosque just like your country, find endless options for meal and go shopping.
Turkey is like home.

You can discover Turkey on those websites in Arabic: www.tourismturkey.ae/arb & www.tourismturkey.eg/arb
You can discover Turkey on those English websites: www.hometurkey.com & www.kultur.gov.tr
Turkey doesn't require a visa to visit from most Arab countries. You can check on this official website if your country is visa-free: www.evisa.gov.tr/ar/ you may also visit en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_policy_of_Turkey